3 Steps to check the reasons why your car aircon not cold anymore

A car’s air conditioning system has become one of the more important systems in the car. This is a system that controls the internal temperature in the vehicle. Besides the temperature, it can also reduce the moisture. Some people use it to demist the windscreen too. In order to work properly, the car aircon needs to be maintained in a proper way. However, even if you follow the instructions carefully, there are situations in which your car aircon not cold anymore. In case you notice something like this, you should look for a way to fix it. On the other hand, if you want to fix this issue, you need to determine the cause of the problem. The following is a short list of tips that can help you determine why your car aircon not cold anymore.

car aircon not cold

1. Checking the compressor

Although this may sound like a difficult task, the procedure is actually quite simple. First of all, you need to start your vehicle and turn on the aircon. Leave the car and aircon turned on and open the hood. There are many different types of aircons and they have various styles and shapes, but the fact is that most of them are pumps located on the left or right side of the engine. They also have large hoses, so you can easily identify them. In addition, most of them come with valves that look like valve stems found on tires. The device begins with a large pulley.

We can talk about problems related to the compressor when the central part of the pulley is motionless while the aircon is working. This is a clear sign that the clutch from the compressor is detached. The three most common reasons for that are broken switch in the car, electrical problem or a leak. You can easily check the leaks by inspecting the area and you can also change the fuses connected to the aircon. If this doesn’t work, check out here to ask for help from a professional aricon service provider.

2. Checking for leaks

It is not very difficult to locate the leaks, but they are usually hard to repair. The simplest way to identify the leaks is to use a bright dye that can be found in every car supply store. This dye is infused in the aircon system and highlights the leaks.

Modern cars come with valve that shows the pounds per square inch or PSI pressure in the system. In case the situation is very serious you can notice low pressure of lack of pressure. You should be very careful when checking the pressure. This procedure is usually described in the car owner’s manual.

3. Checking and refilling the refrigerant

If the previous checks have not shown any irregularities, you probably won’t need repair. If your aircon is producing air that is just mildly cool then your car probably has very low refrigerant levels. You can buy Freon (R-134a) from any car supply store. The only advice about this procedure is to watch out for overfilling. Always add the recommended amount of refrigerant because extra refrigerant can damage the aircon.