Do you really renovate your home? And how?

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Make the best use of your existing Building:

Decide whether you want an older building or just knock it down, rebuilt and restart. It might seem difficult at start as renovation decisions heavily hand upon determining whether the current building or structure offers sufficient merit or not!

What you should look in your existing building?

When you start a project with great aspirations, there are only a few reasons why you should keep the older building, even if it does not exactly works with your new design concept.

Reasons for keeping the old:

Apart from the heritage or financial requirements, you might be drawn to the idea of using the existing material and everything that has gone into manufacturing and construction. Or it might also be that you like to retain and celebrate the social and cultural history that forms a part of your story. Third and the most obvious reason is that you design challenges and are keen to mix and merge the history with the present.

While the earlier constructions were strong and always held something ready for reuse and that’s why, you have plenty of reasons to examine your building for some more time.

When you plan renovation in Singapore for existing building in , here are some issues to consider:

  • Orientation of the building to improve solar access and protection of various elements.
  • The quality of construction and building fabric whether it is sound enough to be suitable for future use.
  • Social or cultural relevancy of the design and development whether it can be further carried on and extended or not!

Design approach

The following design approaches can be applied when it comes to renovations:

  • Improvement of layout and building envelope to optimize the orientation
  • Connect the various building areas and the external environment to allow a better interaction
  • Improve the wall insulations, roof ceiling, floors and thermal inclusion
  • Upgrade the windows and doors; also work on the sealing of leaking points and reduce the unwanted heat gain or loss factors
  • Upgrade the lights, appliances and paints to get better look at least prices

Process and principles of renovation

A renovation process is complex than a new building if we take into consideration various factors like costs, structure, principals etc. It is more like an imaginative concept to make the most and the best out of the current home and redefine what it can offer you. More precisely, we can term it as a puzzle where different pieces connect together like layout, cost, energy, material, connection etc in compliance. Unless each of the pieces is fitted perfectly, it is unlikely to bring out some answer. Designing a sustainable renovation is an art which requires thinking uniquely for each project.

How you can solve this puzzle and how you can get over the constraints of renovations? Follow these two principals:

  1. Follow cost effective design performance process
  2. Be informed about the principals of environmental designing.

The importance of flood doors


Flood can be very devastating at times. If the water gets into your house it can cause damage to your property and your belongings. Dangerous floods can even threaten humans. This is why various measures are taken to prevent flood water from entering the premises. Flood gates and flood barriers are very common when it comes to outdoor protection. However, when you do not have the outdoor space to install the gates or barriers, you will need to rely on the flood doors.

Flood doors are relatively cheaper than the floodgates or barriers. But they provide effective flood protection. There are primarily two types of flood doors – secure and sliding. Both are used for residential and commercial protection. There is the third type called heavy-duty flood door. This type of door is for large industrial setups.

There was a time when the flood doors looked extremely out of place as they did not match the appearance of the rest of the house. However, today, they are designed carefully and creatively and thus blend with the aesthetics of the house or property. They are available in a number of colours and finishes. Here is what you would want to know about these doors.

Secure doors

These doors are completely watertight when they have been locked. The best thing about them is that they can double as the security doors. This is because the feature the steel frame and very strongly built. This is why they are called secure doors. You can get complete flood protection with these doors. You just need to choose the right locking mechanism.

If you have the secure door you will have the peace of mind. As already mentioned the locked door is completely watertight and offers effective protection against flood. This is why you don’t even need to find out whether the barriers are operational (or installed) or not.

Both single leaf, as well as double leaf, doors are available. These doors are ideal for the place that is unmanned. For example, you can install them at the utility site. They are perfect for locations where you need to apply security measures. The doors with double leaf also feature a centre mullion which is removable. The steel leafs of the door are coated with a layer of zinc of 2mm. There are many locking mechanism available. They are also insulated.

Galvanized steel is used in the manufacture of frames and doors. The door is coated with the powder to give it the desired colour.

Sliding doors

The sliding flood doors are available in a number of types as well as sizes. Buy from a reputable flood gate supplier and you will get complete protection against flood.

The standard sliding doors are available but you can also buy customized doors for your specific needs. Since the doors take small space, they are perfect for all types of locations. Also, they are quite easy to use and hence perfect for locations that are manned. They are not only good for floor protection but also for the pollution control.

They are suitable for residential as well as commercial uses.

How to Buy the Kentucky Wildcat Tickets Basketball at the Discounted Price

Kentucky Wildcat Tickets Basketball

Finding the discounted tickets for Kentucky Wildcat basketball is not as difficult as you might think it is. Today, since everything is available online, there are more options available. In order to lure more customers, the companies offer better discounts. Whether you are going for the professional level basketball match or the collegiate level, the ticket price could be quite expensive sometimes. However, if you are searching it right you can find the Kentucky Wildcat Tickets Basketball at the discounted price. It is all about how much are you willing to watch your favourite team play without pinching a big hole in your pocket.

One of the best ways to find the discounted ticket is by searching online. As already mentioned, there are more low-cost options available on the internet than anywhere else. But you have to make sure that you are buying the ticket from a reputable website like There are many websites out there that claim to be authentic but they often fail to provide what you are looking for. Some people end up with counterfeit tickets and thus they either have to let all the money go waste or buy the tickets again and spend more than the original price of the ticket. To have a wonderful experience, always buy from the trusted website.

Perhaps you will be surprised to know that the discounted tickets for the basketball games are also available on eBay. It might not be considered as the primary place for the purchase of the tickets but you have a good chance of finding the tickets at a lower price. Let’s take an example. Someone buys a ticket for the game but realizes that they will not be able to make it due to some contingent situation. One option for them is to let the ticket go waste or the other option is to sell it on the sites like eBay. Usually, such people are willing to sell the tickets at the dirt-cheap price because they are happy recovering whatever amount they can. But make sure that you buy only from those who have the positive feedback and rating on the site.

You can look up for the discounted tickets on the free classified websites as well such as Craiglist and OLX. These websites allow people to put up just about anything for sale. What’s great is that you can even meet the person before buying the ticket. This means you can physically validate whether the ticket is genuine or not.

There is a right time to buy the ticket. If you are buying the ticket well in advance you have better chances of getting the discount. When the day of the game is nearing and the tickets are getting sold out the prices are raised to earn more profits. But those who buy well in advance can save a lot of money. Also, this gives them more choice over selection of the seats. Some seats are better than the others for better view of the game.