Should I repair or Change a new Aircon?

The world of air-conditioning has changed in recent years.  A thousand of varieties of aircons are available in the market that has made replacement of aircons easier than ever. However, there are always chances of repairs if your aircon does not working or aircon leaking water. Aircon repairing services are a forever valid option, no matter what kind machinery systems we talk about. Air conditioners are sturdy machines that are used in almost all kinds and size of households in Singapore. Moreover, they are also found in offices, public transports, and cars.


Usually, after certain years of usage, your cooling machine often becomes retarded or stops working. It is the time when most of the people start thinking to replace it. However, that will require you to spend lots of bucks. Moreover, you will also need to make research and find the best company to purchase from. Consider repairing your current system that already has been working well for years and can be done at a lot cheaper prices. If you are confused on how to weigh the repair or replace decision, than seek help from some professional. Ask your contractor to assess your machinery as well as the overall quality of insulation that can affect the cooling capacity of device. Once they have assessed the system, they might provide you some improvements that can increase the effectiveness of the systems which is always better than getting new machinery.

Sometimes it happens that despite upgrading your aircon on the highest efficiency gears, you won’t feel comfortable at all. This might occur due to several reasons. One of them could be because of poor ducting system. An average ducting system in your home leaks around 30% of the air before it could reach your living space and in case it starts leaking, this count can go higher and thus more air will escape causing less cooling in the room. A repairing services provider will help you find the inefficient duct and locate the gaps while sealing it. This will cost you a few dollars and your insulation and cooling power will soon be restored.

If your aircon system is already more than 7 years older than there is little scope for further repairs and maintenance. Even if you do it then most probably it will not worth it as just like every machine, an AC has its own capacity and lifetime and beyond that, it cannot work like a new one. In such cases, its best to get it replaced and sell your old system in scrap. However, in all other cases and situations, it is best to seek help from repairing services Singapore. They are professional service providers who can help to deal with all kinds of minor as well as major problems. Being made sturdy, an aircon usually requires refilling of gas, aircon chemical overhaul service and removal of crap from it that is often caused by rats and rodents entering the systems.