Guide to choosing the right car speakers

Each car speaker is manufactured about the size of your vehicle, indeed if you own a large car, you will, therefore, need a speaker with a large diameter and good power. Be aware that a loudspeaker can have several controls: auditory, bass, treble.

When you are about to choose a speaker, we strongly advise you to read very carefully the technical description of it. Do not hesitate to compare different products.

Find out more about the state of eardrums: Are they more sensitive to bass? To the acute?


Loudspeaker Types

There are three distinct types of car speakers in Singapore:

  • The speaker with a coaxial channel: on this kind of accessory, everything is grouped on the same membrane. The tweeter is located in the center part of the subwoofer.
  • The two-way speaker: the treble should be separated from everything else.
  • The three-way loudspeaker: mediums and treble, as well as bass, are distributed on each of the membranes. It distributes the sound throughout the cabin in a smooth and homogeneous way, ideal for eardrums.

The coaxial and three-way speakers have the particularity of reproducing the same sound but differentiating themselves at the levels of the component systems. Specific technical elements exist which should be observed, such as:

  • Diameter
  • Peak power
  • Continuous power
  • Nominal impedance
  • Frequency response
  • Efficiency

The speaker you are going to choose should also depend on the time in your vehicle. The peak power is the highest power a speaker can attain. The nominal impedance is the sound level of a loudspeaker.

What depends on the quality of a speaker?

The quality of a speaker may depend on:

  • A number of channels: For the loudspeaker to have good sound reproduction capability, there must be several channels. The more routes, the better! The tweeter (towards the listener) for the treble and the woofer for the bass.
  • Channel separation: for better distinction, we recommend separating the bass and treble. Today, more and more cars have grids that can be seen at the bottom of the doors that contain a loudspeaker that restores a “serious / medium” sound. For small networks located near the dashboard, they transmitted a louder sound.
  • Performance: it is critical that your loudspeaker can faithfully and briefly transcribe each sound.

Evolution of the original installation?

Want to upgrade your original installation and upgrade to a higher level? No worries you can plan a new installation provided you be vigilant on three points:

  • Dimensions of the original speakers: there are three standard sizes of loudspeakers: 100 mm; 130 mm; 165 mm.
  • Original connectors: The car speakers are often connected to your audio set with special small beams.
  • The depth of your door: some shallow speaker models facilitate installation. These are SLIM speakers.

A subwoofer

One recognizes a subwoofer by physical (large diameter and reinforced structure). With this product, you will be satisfied with the sound. You can use it as the centerpiece of your installation. Do not hesitate to ask for more information from your dealer before buying your car speakers from

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