Use of carton box

The paper industry has given us a great number of important, useful and essential for its quality characteristics of products. Various types of paper are used effectively and in all industries and in the home. Carton boxes or cardboard boxes hold a special place in the “paper kingdom”. Technologically, cardboard is a multilayer material based on paper, which in combination with regular geometric shapes packaging carton is transformed in a sufficiently strong and at the same time lightweight packaging.


The ability to vary the density and thickness of the Carton box Singapore allows us to achieve the desired stiffness of cardboard boxes and make them truly versatile packaging material. Stapling cardboard boxes is usually done through a variety of adhesives, but possibly using special fastening clamps. The outer, so-called “front” layer of the carton can have a matte or gloss finish of various colors, which is very positive effect on the aesthetics and appeal of a package.

In addition, there is the possibility of applying various kinds of image and logo printing on a carton, which significantly increases the prestige and marketability of products packaged in it. Environmental cardboard purity is achieved by using a large number of a natural raw material; it makes it possible to turn cartons in secure containers and is extremely ergonomic.

Distinguish a particular type of cardboard, corrugated board, which is a packaging material consisting of a special ribbed cardboard web enclosed between the flat sheets of cardboard. This type of Carton Box Singapore is used for the manufacture of medium or large-sized cartons. The ribbed corrugated layer is capable of providing excellent strength characteristics. Corrugated cardboard boxes are used for packing various household appliances, all kinds of large or delicate items, furniture and more.


Of course, the main area of application is the cardboard packaging products. Cardboard boxes are widely used as an ideal in all respects for the packaging of most consumer goods. All sorts of small and medium sized products (foodstuffs, household chemicals, gift, souvenirs, etc.) are packed in cardboard boxes of various types.

Excellent characteristics of strength, stiffness, and unique qualities of flexibility and at the same time ease the possibility of graphic design turn cardboard boxes into one of the most popular, effective packing materials to safely hold, store and transport almost any object. Furthermore, Carton box prices are so affordable that they are being used during relocations, movements, office uses, commercial factories and units for storage.

There are five basic packaging materials: paper, plastic, glass, metal and wood (pallets). A sixth category includes composites: when the packaging is made from a mixture of several materials. Example: Milk cartons made of paper and plastic (multi-layered coating) or aseptic packaging (juice boxes made from paper, plastic and aluminum).

No matter what kind of boxes they produce, the carton boxes are always going to be a favorite for the house movers and relocators. They are easier to handle and come with better holding capacity.