Some of the Spa Treatments in Singapore


If you are feeling frazzled or feel like there is not even a bit of strength in you to do more work, consider going to a spa treatment Singapore to indulge in that much needed “me time.” Today, we’ll get you familiar with the treatments that are carried out in various Singapore spas and how you can make your trips to the spa fruitful. Have a scroll through and look at our top picks.

The One Farrer Hotel and Spa

This spa treatment Singapore provides you with a spa and cooking experience at the same time. They provide a Swedish massage to relieve your tightened muscles. Every part of your body is given importance, especially those areas which are sore from too much sitting, working and walking.  This spa uses a special brand to practice French aromatherapy and you are requested to carry out a breathing ritual while you’re massaged with a scented balm by a therapist.  You are gently kneaded to open up the knots in your body.  The spa has plunge, whirlpools and hot pools, areas for steam, gym, sauna, relaxation and an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Here, you can also indulge in cooking classes with the expert chef to supervise you.

The Damai Spa

This spa comes in the spa treatment because it is well-known for its Damai Silk Body Treatment inspired by the ancient Chinese, which also includes a Yuan Qi body massage for healing purposes and leaves the body silken smooth. You will be taken to a comfortable bed that is neatly set with soft sheets. If you are feeling extreme pain to even lie down, the therapist will gently pad on your body to help you in a lying position. A blend of sugar polish, goat milk and soft lemon will be spread and the body will be massaged, especially the places that are in ache. After you will be showered, a mixture of cucumber and green tea will be applied to particularly focus on the problematic areas of the body.  You will feel tender and all the pain in the muscles will be thwarted away. In the end, a dusting of a pearl powder will finish the treatment. This is the spa treatment.

The So Spa

This spa treatment is known for its anti-aging facial, which helps to combat wrinkles and fine lines. It adds elasticity to the skin and the skin gets the right nutrients to look just in fine fettle. It is a 90 minutes reprieve which is even better for the soul itself. The spa has 14 treatment rooms, has a lush garden with waterfall and the outdoor contains mud pool, pavilions and float pool.


The face is deep cleansed and steamed before the actual process begins. Hot towels are used to open up the pores and then, a cleansing facial mask is applied which the cleaned pores take in. These steps are followed by a resting scalp massage. After the face mask is taken off, the Japanese tools such “nouat-na” and “ridiko” are rolled onto the skin to improve skin’s blood circulation. Then by swift, firm movements, the face is given a massage, which will for sure lull you to sleep and even the staff encourages it. Then, an opulent collagen mask is slapped on, so the goodness of it gets into the skin; while the therapist moves onto pad your legs and arms. To finish the procedure, your face is moisturized, an eye cream is applied and a little bell goes off that ends this session of spa treatment.

What is Excat Thyroid Nodules

What is Excat Thyroid Nodules

The largest gland, thyroid gland, is inside throat. It truly is operating out of the particular anterior throat underneath your skin in addition to muscle tissue clleular layers. The actual thyroid gland includes solar cells which secrete substances referred to as testosterone. The leading a couple testosterone manufactured by your thyroid gland usually are referred to as thyroxine as well as triiodothyronine, having thyroxine being stated in significantly greater amounts when compared with triiodothyronine.

Triiodothyronine, even so, is the key lively hormone. Thyroxine is quite a bit less lively and even though it will make a minimal influence, almost all of the thyroxine must be converted to triiodothyronine just before it might be as used by one’s body. This kind of the conversion process comes about specifically parts (primarily your liver) as well as flesh, as well as is important for the overall performing from the human body.

ThyroidThe actual thyroid gland normally takes is very important of an butterfly with the two wings becoming represented from the quit in addition to suitable thyroid lobes which often wrap around the trachea. The only real function with the thyroid should be to create thyroid hormone. This hormone has an effect on the majority of cells with the human body in which the item improves cellular pastime. The actual function with the thyroid, thus, should be to get a grip on your body’s metabolic process.

Thyroid nodules are medical term that refers to an abnormal growth of thyroid cells that forms a lump within the thyroid gland. The great majority of thyroid nodules are benign (noncancerous), however there is a small portion of thyroid nodules that do contain thyroid cancer.

You often won’t know you have thyroid nodule until your doctor examines you and discover it. Some thyroid nodules, however, may become huge enough to be visible or make it difficult to breathe or swallow, so it is not clear what causes this problem but individuals who have been exposed to radiation have a higher risk of getting them. This condition is common as you age and it is also genetic.

Treatment will depend on how the problem affects you. If your thyroid nodules is not serious and don’t cause any symptoms (noncancerous), your doctor will examine the nodule closely before prescribing any medication. If your thyroid nodule is causing problems, your doctor will recommended some medications of surgery if necessary.

If you want to read more information about thyroid nodules and thorid cancer, please visit “Please get off, Mr. Thyroid Nodules and Mrs. Thyroid Cancer”, a professional website about thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer.

Reclaim your Healthy Scalp through Singapore Hair Replacement Services

Alopecia is one of the natural side effects of the aging process, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it. Even in old age, it remains possible to maintain a full head of healthy, glossy and bouncy hair. Today, hair replacement for men is no longer frowned upon as being unnatural or abnormal.

This is especially true given the wide selection of hair replacement choices in Singapore, which come so close to natural human hair. Having been in the hair business for tens of years, we are well-versed with the latest innovative technologies regarding scalp health improvement.

We offer a range of efficacious hair replacement in Singapore options, among them:

  •         Hair knits
  •         Hair pieces
  •         Scalp treatment


The hairpieces we provide are made solely from natural hair, though synthetic blends can be availed on request. High quality human hair is collected under hygienic conditions and sterilized using high temperatures to ensure that the hair has been properly disinfected. Once done, it is subjected to acidification which eliminates elements that may reduce the durability of hairpieces made from the hair.

Using the innovative polymer chemistry technique, the natural and synthetic (where applicable) fibers are worked into durable hair pieces requiring little care and maintenance. This polymeric technique requires in-depth understanding of the fibers’ molecular weights as well as mechanical testing procedures. Every product must be tested for proper adhesive quality and durability.

Obviously, not every hairpiece or wig made is suitable for every person. To look natural, we customize our products according to the customer’s dimensions. Our hair replacement Singapore process begins by measuring each client’s scalp to create a blueprint/model.

Two heads/scalps may superficially seem similar, but every person’s head has a slight shape difference which makes one hairpiece a proper fit for one person but completely unsuited for the next. In addition, we identify which hair types would be best for each client.

Having assessed the client’s scalp and determined the hair texture, we make their hairpiece using hand-knitted lace, which is the technique used to make celebrities’ hairpieces. The lace offers a more malleable and natural alternative for hair piecing compared to the other techniques that leave hair looking inflexible and irregular. The lace we use also allows proper air circulation to maximize durability as well as protect clients’ scalps while on.

Hair knitting

Hair replacement for men can also be carried out using hair knits, which are ideal for those suffering alopecia. However, hair knits also make a great fashion statement. For the perfect look, hair knits should exactly match the style, texture and color of the hair to which they are attached for a smooth blend.

For hair knitting, we carefully assess every client’s hair characteristics to choose hair knits which would perfectly work into their natural hair. This method of hair replacement is ideal for hair extensions to be worn in the longer-term or short-term solutions e.g. for a night out on the town.

Scalp treatment

Our hair products are designed to improve and preserve healthy scalps, but this is only possible if the scalp on which they are placed is healthy to begin with. Our scalp treatment procedures include:

  •         Scalp massages
  •         Root cleanses
  •         Ginger treatment
  •         Hair steaming

Through these techniques, we literally try to ‘get to the root of the problem’ by applying treatment procedures that work into the hair follicles to get rid of all impurities for maximal cleaning. This results in healthier, stronger hair with stimulated growth as a result of treatment.

Scalp massage helps to improve blood circulation to the scalp, which is essential for promotion of hair growth and providing nutrients to strengthen hair. Hair steaming also has myriad benefits, including refreshing the scalp and hair strands, improving the resilience of curls and making the hair stronger.

Lastly, hair cuticles are deeply cleansed through steam treatment in order to improve moisture retention, which is essential for glossy hair. Ginger is well known for its restorative properties, and the ginger treatment and shampooing phase adds bounce to hair for all-round best results.